Training, Support and Maintenance

Robonic supports a full lifecycle approach to manufacture, supply and support of its full range of launcher systems.

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Our support package options include:

• A wider and easily adjustable envelope of UAV mass and exit speed
• Assisted in-house maintenance by the customer;
• Assisted outsourced maintenance management by third parties; or
• Maintenance services directly through Robonic with this including options for field support in deployed areas.

Robonic specialists are also available to support higher level training requirements to educate in UAS and target drone operations at early stages of a customers generic training cycle for personnel before they transition into operational units.

We regard training, support and maintenance as an integral component of the customer qualification and acceptance process. Our comprehensive operator training course incorporates all requisite theory and practice, providing users with a detailed insight into the launcher, its functionality and capabilities, and the theory and practice of launcher operations.

Our training is also structured to allow new users to develop the ability to evaluate launcher performance during the acceptance process.

We can tailor our training solutions to meet the certification requirements of our operational customers.


Likewise we offer a tailorable package which can be integrated into a wider training system where our launchers are offered by manufacturers as part of a comprehensive system.

Robonic provides full technical documentation for each launcher system. We can tailor our documentation where our launchers are offered by manufacturers to ensure commonality with documentation supporting a complete UAS system.

Our launchers are designed from the outset to have low maintenance requirements with this monitored through a cyclic approach to system checks and maintenance needs regardless of operational environment.