Robonic KONTIO 3rd Generation Technology

The evolution of the global UAS marketplace has generated requirements for a unique range of specialised ancillary hardware with Robonic internationally recognised as the benchmark provider of launch systems.

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For more than three decades our experts have designed, developed and manufactured pneumatic catapults that have continually proven capable of expanding the operational envelope of all forms of unmanned aircraft and target drones. Our first generation hardware was developed to support specific platform requirements for a superior launcher that would operate in the harsh climatic extremes above the Arctic Circle.

Hard-won knowledge gained with that first generation hardware coupled with in-house research resulted in our second generation of launchers that created their own market internationally.

Our 3rd generation technology encompass lessons from deployment of our launchers all over the world in support of multiple operational and developmental users. Our hardware has seen service in ten different countries and four different continents in operational environments that range from the deep icebound to the high desert and from European forest to high humidity coastlines.

Robonic launchers continually demonstrate the benefits of our unparalleled heritage and expertise by providing increased operational flexibility and cost effective supportability regardless of user location.

We continue to undertake extensive research and development to ensure our solutions remain not only concurrent with the current demands of the global UAS marketplace, but also open up new dimensions for UAS product development and enhancements.

The Robonic launcher concept is a patented product. US and other patents apply. All systems in the Robonic launcher family have been designed to meet and fully comply with a variety of standards, including CE, ASME and ASTM.