Robonic OHTO 4th Generation Technology

The Robonic OHTO (MC1555LLR) high-pressure pneumatic launcher is the 4th generation zero-point pneumatic launcher with a wide envelope in launch mass and exit velocity based on high tech design, aeronautical class mechanical structure, maintainability as well as tactical mobility and transportability.

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The OHTO is another of the Robonic universal launcher family which is designed to launch various tactical unmanned aerial vehicles as well as target drones in varying climatic and operational conditions.

The new pressure vessel concept, adjustable launch pressure and the rapid relaunch capability make it the ideal solution for any operation where time to operate or relaunch are of essence. Robonic has extended its launch lock system to the OHTO. This system reduces the initial launch shock both to the air frame or payloads on board the air vehicle.

In addition that the OHTO can be transported in a 20ft ISO container it can also be towed by an SUV or sling loaded with an NH-90 helicopter.

Robonic also supports air vehicle and launcher interface (adapter) design and manufacture as well as integration of the air vehicle on the launcher and into the UAV system.