Design and Testing

Robonic’s development philosophy places our customer’s requirements at the forefront of design and testing engineering processes for every new launcher system to ensure an optimal solution.

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We can provide expert consultancy services to manufacturers who are looking at adding launchers to their choice of launch methods, with this same service available to potential operational users.

We understand that operational users need to have full flexibility in the range of UAS and target drones supported by their launcher. Our three decades of experience repeatedly demonstrate that this is best supported by hardware that can meet a customer’s maximum system performance objectives in as wide an operational envelope as possible. We can supply standard or custom configurations of our full launcher family.

The dynamics of pneumatic launch are the outcome of a comparative analysis of the UAS weight, its take off speed and its maximum acceleration tolerance. We work closely with the customer to model and simulate all potential capability requirements and use the outcomes of this process to define an optimised launcher configuration with overheads minimised by tailoring our family of solutions as required.

Our design team is also experienced in developing specifically crafted solutions to support unique operating needs.

Post manufacturing Robonic supports a comprehensive test and evaluation program to ensure launcher hardware meets all customer requirements. This process will include pressurisation testing; hydraulics testing; a progressive program of launches of test weights at various speeds to ensure specified operational parameters are fully met; an agreed number of test launches of the customer specified UAS, and reload times. This process is fully documented and supplied to the customer to support their own acceptance testing processes.

We continue our close customer liaison during the engineering and hardware manufacture phases to ensure full compliance with design specifications and customer-mandated standards.