Launching High Performance Target Drones

With the worlds armed forces increasingly relying on high performance target drones to support the operational qualification of new weapon systems, the importance of cost effective zero point and short rail launch has never been more crucial.

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Robonic’s third generation pneumatic technology is a key element of successful target drone operations by reducing the unit costs of repeat launches, removing the hazard element associated with rocket based solutions, and reducing the campaign logistics tail by providing outstanding reliability.

Nine of the world’s premier target drone systems have already either been qualified for launch using our hardware or have been the focus of detailed launch option studies. These include the Kratos/CEi Firejet, Northrop Grumman KDR, Avartek AT-4, Flight Refuelling Limited Falconet, Meggitt’s Banshee and Voodoo systems, and the EADS family of targets comprising the DT-25, DT-35, DT-45, and DT- 55.


Robonic carried out its first successful high performance target drone launch at the DERA test range in the Hebrides Islands in February 2001. That demonstration saw a modified Finnish Defence Forces launcher used to support operations of a Flight Refuelling Ltd Falconet system.

Our current operational users include the Finnish Defence Force and the United States Army.

We welcome opportunities to work on new and emergent target drone requirements as part of our continued product evolution. Robonic’s broad family of launchers includes the ability to support new generation small targets using either turbine or propeller propulsion systems.