Kemijärvi Town & Area


Kemijärvi is easily accessible, with Rovaniemi and Kuusamo airports about an hour’s drive away.

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Other convenient methods of travel are the night train between Helsinki and Kemijärvi (and other trains to Rovaniemi) as well as coaches and passenger cars.

Surrounded by a string of dozens of wooded hills and fells, the heart of Kemijärvi lies on a beautiful peninsula lapped by the waters of the Kemijoki river, the Kemijärvi and Pöyliöjärvi lakes and Kuumalampi pond. In all, Kemijärvi has around 393 lakes and ponds – some of the best pike waters in Finland. Kemijärvi’s population comes to around 9,400 and its surface area covers approximately 3,942 km2 of which water areas account for some 365 km2.

Sports and keep-fit enthusiasts have lots to choose from – easily accessible fells, the Sports Hall and Ice Hockey Rink as well as the Poukama spa and indoor swimming pools. The Culture Centre, Music School, museums and events offer experiences for culture lovers. Besides accommodation, conference and recreational facilities, Kemijärvi’s other services, such as those of the Lapponia Hospital, are widely used.


The fell resorts of Suomu, Salla and Pyhä-Luosto are within an hour’s reach from Kemijärvi centre and the drive to Ruka takes about 1,5 hours. Snowmobile routes take you to the ski resorts in winter.

The small industrial city of Kemijärvi has a diverse structure of livelihoods, and agriculture and the forestry industry have a firm foothold here. More info can be found at

Average figures of Kemijärvi area

Kemijärvi region has a continental climate with relatively warm summers and cold winters. Westerly air streams also affect the area from time to time. Snow accounts for 40-50% of precipitation, with the permanent snow cover generally lasting from mid November until the spring melt in mid May. The waterways remain ice-covered for almost 7 months. The season of the white nights, when the sun does not set at all, lasts for around 5 weeks (4 June-9 July).